Bespoke your Holiday Detox

We all have a case of the "never-agains"after a bountiful Thanksgiving...never again will we eat so much, never again will we drink so much, never again will we stop working out in favor of watching tv.

In honor of the "never-agains", our blog feature today is a smoothie recipe from Kevin Purvis at Fortune Training and Coaching.  It is a delicious way to start your morning with a healthy breakfast and to detox from all the Parker House rolls you have been eating.

Yes, this Pineapple Ginger Kale Smoothie is what Kevin has for breakfast every morning and it is a great way to get your daily allowance of green veg without your taste buds being the wiser.  (Special bonus:  Pineapple has amazing anti-inflammatory properties and contains important enzymes that aid in digestion.)

Check out his video below.


While Kevin was blending delicious breakfast smoothies, I detoxed with some hard core workouts...Shotokan Karate to be exact.  In my last post, I included a photo of me, suiting up in my official karategi and belt. The video below shows what happened next. (I am still sore!)