We Bespoked...Our Website

It was time. 

After launching our brand a year ago, and watching it grow and evolve, we thought it was fitting and proper to launch a new, utterly bespoked web site... 

 One of the main features of the site is the blog, which replaces the Studio DelCorpo newsletter. Looking at the larger world through a bespoke lens, I'll be posting regular items related to fitness and nutrition; fitness fashion and culture; and random notions on the beauty and value of a fully bespoked life. 

Bespoke or Be Ordinary... 


I could have stayed home and watched the French Open this year, like I've always done. But at the last minute, after being challenged by clients and friends to 'bespoke' a vacation, my husband and I splurged on a pair of tickets to the men's semis at Roland Garros in Paris, and hopped a plane to Charles De Gaulle Airport.

It was, without a doubt, the greatest trip of my life...and the best decision I've ever made, even though a part of me wanted to cling to the old way of watching one of the finest sporting events in the world...from my living room (and complaining about it the whole time). It was impractical, it was expensive, it was magical...and it paid off in ways that cannot be counted in terms of dollars and cents.  

The trip forced me to move in a different way, pleasantly shocking my mind and heart--and, after the eight-hour, overnight flight--my body. It pitched me out of my comfort zone, and heightened my awareness of everything I saw, smelled, heard, touched and ate in the City of Light. And, I'm not embarrassed to say, there was a lot of eating, which was offset by walking anywhere and everywhere. This type of exercise never felt so good. Besides, the only equipment in the hotel's fitness room was a Thighmaster and ONE 15lb dumbbell, along with a treadmill and a bike. 

Interestingly, the semis may have been the impetus behind my desire to customize this part of the tennis season, but, as it turned out, it was not the reason for the trip. That was revealed to me as I was paying a visit to Brancusi's Atelier at Le Centre Pompidou. While I was admiring all of his works of carved wood and marble, I began to think of about Bespoke Fitness in a deeper way. Like a sculptor who releases a unique and ideal form that already dwells in a piece of wood, I design workout regimens to release a unique, ideal form that dwells within each client.

A custom form, one that cannot be duplicated or copied...just like each of our bodies.

I had to fly all the way to Paris to have this epiphany; but in a moment, I understood my passion for Bespoke Fitness like never before.  Plus, Rafa beat Djokovic in five sets, and went on to win the Coupe des Mousquetaires  for the 8th time--a new world's record.  Vamos indeed!

And to think I almost stayed home. 


Brancusi's Atelier at Le Centre Pompidou, where I had my Bespoke epiphany... 


Waving a tricolor with patriotic fervor, a French tennis fan tries to rally his fellow countryman Jo-Wilfried Tsonga as he battles the Spaniard David Ferrer in the second semi final match of the day. Ferrer beat Tsonga, only to lose to Nadal in the final.