Feeling the Need to Lunge...

I love lunges!  The word lunge comes from the French word allonger  to stretch out, to lengthen which originates from the Latin ēlongāre ). 

Lunges are not only elongating, they are functional, they can be dynamic, they work the flexibility in the hip and provide strength work for the glutes and all muscles in the legs.  This sequence, Bespoke Lunge #7 will work your balance, your core AND get your heart rate up.  What's not to love? 

Here is my Bespoke Lunge #7: (Do this for 4-5 minutes)

Start with your feet together and plenty of room in front of you.

Step right foot forward into a deep lunge

Twist your opposite elbow to your knee or ankle

Use your right leg to pull your body up, taking your left leg up into a high knee

Balancing on your right leg, do a single leg dead-lift and reach the right leg straight behind you and your hands to the floor.

Use your hamstring to stand tall again and step forward with your left leg...repeat on the left.

To increase the intensity, add some heavy dumbbells, a medicine ball, or a ViPR!


Disclaimer:  The information on this blog is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice.  As with all exercises in this blog...please make sure you have consulted your doctor and are in good health before attempting.