11 Reasons to Try FOUNDATION TRAINING...

...Weight Loss is Only One of Them.


1.  Shake Shake Shake: Your body will shake in new and different ways, which will shock your muscles and burn more fat.

2.  No More Ouchie!: This class works all your stabilizer muscles, improves your posture AND alleviates pain.

3.  Top of the Cheer Pyramid:  Increase your athletic performance.

4.  Air Supply:  Relearn how to breathe.

5.  To say things like:

“My whole body was shaking!”

“I was dripping with sweat!”

“I felt taller!”

“I really worked my hamstrings!”

6.  Strong Like Bull. Find and redefine your core.

7.  Breaking Bad (Habits): Correct muscular imbalances by proper muscle integration. Increase flexibility and mobility, too.

8.  Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, Feelings: Wake up everyday feeling (and singing) better!

9.  Safety First: Learn safer, more efficient body patterns.

10.  A Quickie...and a Freebie!  Your first 30-minute private session is FREE!  (see below)

11. Last but not least…Lose weight!


As a special treat to Studio DelCorpo friends and clients, Summit Performance Training is offering FREE PRIVATE Foundation Training sessions at Studio DelCorpo next weekend, September 13 and 14, from 2:00-5:00pm. 


To reserve your spot:  Go to www.summitperformancetraining.com at the

“Sign Up For A Session” link and enter “SDCfree” when you book your 30-Minute

Private Session appointment for that weekend.


Or email:

info@summitperformancetraining.com for more

information or for assistance scheduling a session.

Shake, shake, shake:  FT Instructors get it done!

Shake, shake, shake:  FT Instructors get it done!