Does your young athlete want to get better, stronger, faster? 

Bespoke SuperCamp is an accelerated strength and conditioning pilot program at Studio DelCorpo.

The program was designed to augment physical fitness competencies of young adults, ages 10-14, who possess a natural ability for athletics... and for young adults who want to explore new ways to engage with health and wellness; and to develop and hone physical fitness skills.

The 2018 pilot will emphasize five key aspects of fitness:

  Attitude--Learning how best to approach, think about and engage with an active, athletic life

  Focus--Identifying and understanding health and wellness priorities in any given set of circumstances

  Intention-- Defining one’s individual purpose and mission for athletics, and an athletic lifestyle

  Effort--Learning and applying the fundamentals of body movement/mechanics to develop the correct fitness        habits, to optimize results; and decrease chances of injury in the future

  Mindfulness--Developing a keener awareness of self, mind and body; and of others

The three-class session will utilize The Bespoke SuperCamp Protocol:

  • Activation
  • Neural Reset
  • Speed/Agility Drills
  • Strength + Power
  • Mobility + Cool Down
  • Social + Emotional Exercises (Mindfulness)

Why SuperCamp?

SuperCamp is an ideal way to help young adults develop a full suite of values and virtues that will serve them for the rest of their lives.

It is designed for the young athlete who wants to maintain the edge in the off season, and who wants to challenge himself or herself through a new model of training and conditioning.  And it's for aspiring young athletes who want to become more physically active; and are willing to explore new ways to understand how to make health and fitness an important and integral part of their life now and in the future.

Classes will be led by Ryan Nosak, Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach at DePaul University.

Bespoke SuperCamp:  Athletic Conditioning For Kids Ages 10-14

Where:  Studio DelCorpo, 1115 W. Armitage Ave., Chicago 773.340.3359

Dates:  Wednesdays August 1, 8, 15;  5:30-6:45pm

Cost:  $135 for the August session of three classes

Contact:  Ryan Nosak, (Click here for Ryan's bio)

Email Ryan Nosak to register now!  Class size is limited!

Email Ryan Nosak to register now!  Class size is limited!