Fitness Professionals and Anatomy Geeks--Save the Date!


Calling all trainers, yoga instructors, Pilates instructors and all fitness professionals!  Would you like to learn how to help your clients move better?  Want to learn more about the fascial connections in our bodies?  We are bringing the Anatomy Trains workshop to Studio DelCorpo!

Thomas Myers and his Anatomy Trains vision brought fascia and connective tissue into its current vogue in the fitness industry.  Beginning with Ida Rolf's theory that "It's all connected through the fascia",  Thomas Myers began to play with stringing all the muscles together, and to help his students see the continuity of the soft tissue/muscle connection he solidified his theory of "Myofascial Trains"—by mapping out complete meridians throughout the body.  The result:  fitness professionals and movement therapists now think in a more systematic fashion, rather than just in specific terms of a muscle's origin or insertion.

This special two-day workshop,  Anatomy Trains for Fitness and Movement Professionals will be an in-depth exploration of the functional chains of myofascia, and the implications of this fascial continuity on how we train movement.   Come and learn more about the complex relationship between our muscles, fascia and nervous system.

Date:  October 1-2, 2016

Cost:  $375 (before August 15, 2016)

TO REGISTER or for more information email or go to:  Anatomy Trains

Brilliant.  Easy.  Bespoke.

Register Now at Anatomy

Register Now at Anatomy