Vi veri veniversum vivus vici

Or more simply put..."By the power of truth, I while living, have conquered the universe."

Well...not really the universe exactly...but I did conquer the V-Up.

The V-Up (also known in the world of Pilates as Teaser) is a super-challenging abdominal exercise which involves hip flexion and extension.  When done correctly, it is great way to strengthen the deep abdominals and test your balance.

Try this:

Lie flat on your back with your arms at your sides.

Position your arms over your head, next to your ears, OR keep your arms at your side for a less intense version.

Pull your belly button into your back and engage in your deep abs, stabilizing your lower back. (Try not to arch your spine, instead the spine stays in neutral to slightly rounded to protect your low back).

Begin to peel your arms, head, shoulders and upper back up off the floor, as you slightly bend your knees and raise your legs off the floor.  Keep length in your spine and reach your hands to your toes, keeping the chest tall.  Legs stay glued together;  straighten your legs for the advanced version, keep the knees slightly bent for a modified version.

Slowly reverse the movement and roll down, staying engaged in the lower abdominals.  Try to resist against gravity and move as slowly as possible back to your starting position.  Try 5-10 reps.


Rapport with the floor...

Rapport with the floor...