We Came to Smash...

Overhead Slam


Oh! We've reached the letter 'O'...And today's entry is sure to be a smash hit. Literally...

One of the best, certainly surest, ways to relieve the stress of modern life is to hit or punch something (not necessarily some one) in a safe, controlled environment. A Dammit Doll will do the trick in the pinch, if you’re at home or in the office; but if you’re looking to blow off some steam heat in the gym after a long hard day—or long hard decade—there’s nothing quite like as satisfying as a good, Overhead Slam. Why do we like to smash stuff?   Well, for openers, it’s fun. It feels really, really good, mostly because the act of hitting or punching produces a response in the body that is specifically designed to relieve tension. There’s another perk with Overhead Slams: You get to work the lats and the arms, while pushing the heart rate up.  Because of where your lats insert, you’re working your core and your obliques as a bonus…a bonus you won’t get with a Dammit Doll, no matter how hard you bang the darn thing on the corner of your desk. How to Bespoke the traditional Overhead Slam: Standing or lunging; kneeling or half kneeling, you may use a bouncy med ball, a Hyperwear SandBell, “battling ropes” with a lot of slack, or a slam ball. Get to it!


Jumprope!  It’s the newest, oldest and fastest way to burn calories and fat! 

This workout using the jumprope is portable…do it inside or out, rain or shine…all you need is a jumprope and your legs.

Here is the jumping jacks-jumprope-jump workout: 

Make sure to do some dynamic flexibility training (see “D” post!) first for about 5-10 minutes to warm up your legs, especially calves.

100 jumping power jacks-  Reach and touch the floor instead of swinging arms overhead in a regular jumping jack...see photo (try to do this in around 1 minute)

1 minute of jump rope

20 double unders with jump rope (arms swing the rope 2 revolutions for every one jump)

20 squat jumps or squat jumps moving forward

Repeat this circuit 3 times.  (Or add one circuit at the end of any of your workouts to increase the intensity and work the legs).  

Don’t forget to spend time at the end of your workout foam rolling your upper and lower legs (see last post).



Power jumping jacks

Power jumping jacks