Q: What is Bespoke Fitness?

A:  Studio DelCorpo Bespoke Fitness designs  made-to-measure (bespoke) fitness programs, cut and customized for individual goals, needs and wants.


 No two bodies are the same. No two workouts should be the same, either. Further, what works for the masses doesn’t always work for the individual.

We place you at the center of the fitness experience, tailoring fitness and training programs that meet you exactly where you are. Then, together we work to release the unique, optimized form that already dwells within. 

The healthy, ideal you


Q: What do you charge for a Bespoke Fitness session?

A:  Bespoke Fitness programs demand bespoke--or custom--fee structures.  Naturally, Studio DelCorpo Bespoke Fitness features made-to-measure pricing for single sessions, multiple sessions and small group programs. For more information on pricing and small group programs, call +1.773.340.3359 or email cheryl@delcorpo.com.

Q: What will my workout be like?

A: Your body changes every day due to any number of factors, including sleep, hydration, recovery, and nutrition. Your personal likes and dislikes change, too. We tailor each workout based on individual goals--i.e. the healthy, ideal you-- factoring in any number of variables, which will change from day to day as a matter of course. Put another way, you'll never 'step' into the same work out twice.

Q: May I work out with a friend or two?

A: Of course.  We enjoy designing Bespoke Fitness workouts for small groups (max. 4), without compromising the personalized attention that IS Bespoke Fitness.


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