Cheat Meals (and Jared Leto's Hair)


After watching the Oscars last Sunday, I wondered: How did those stars get those super-fit bodies? (There were also a few questions about Jared Leto’s amazing hair, but I digress…)

Well, hard work, and proper nutrition is the answer.  There is no magic bullet.  When my clients are looking for big results, sometimes small changes in nutrition make a difference.   A big difference.   Ditching sugar, processed foods, nutrition-less snack items and diet soda makes a huge impact on metabolic function and fat loss. Staying dedicated to making these changes requires, well…dedication.  But an occasional cheat to curb the cravings can make a difference as well.

I am happy to include the following post from our friends at Factor75, as they tell us why sometimes it is ok to cheat.

The Cheat Meal: Does it Hurt or Help?

As purveyors of healthy lifestyles, we'd love to believe that our willpower is unbreakbale. But even the most avid kale enthusiast has moments of snickerdoodle weakness.

Enter the cheat meal.

At Factor 75 we know that healthy eating is a lifestyle, not a diet. Delicious, nutrient-rich meals keep us full, satisfied, and impervious to trans fat longings of chili cheese fries. But research has shown that allowing ourselves moments of calculated indulgence can help maintain self-control

Looking forward to a cheat meal can keep us focused and motivated to eat healthy in between. And small indulgences ensure that we’ll never spin into a cycle of deprivation and binge. Trainer Shannon Clark suggests that cheat meals can restore waning muscle glycogen. The caloric boost “refeeds” muscles and boosts metabolism. However, nutritionist Marjorie Nolan notes, “For one person, cheating could mean two chocolate squares; for someone else, it could be a cheesesteak and double fudge brownie sundae. Whether a cheat day can help or harm you depends on how you define it.” If rare indulgences become everyday guilty pleasures, we can undo our healthy habits. 

So how do we maintain balance?
Cheat, but don’t overeat: Nolan warns that overeating too much in one day can “affect your body’s level of ghrelin, the primary hunger hormone that works with leptin the hormone that tells your brain you’re full.” This could actually make you hungrier. Keep cheat meals to modest portions.

Quality counts: Fitness author and athlete Mark Sisson says, “Eat a burger and fries from the restaurant that grinds their own chuck, not from McDonald’s. By eating quality, you’ll eliminate some of the bad stuff – like veggie oils and high fructose corn syrup.” This is less taxing on your body, and makes for a more enjoyable meal.

Do you have a coveted “cheat meal”? What tricks do you have for keeping your indulgences in check?  Connect with us on Twitter and share your “cheats” @Factor75.

About Factor 75:
Factor 75 is a Chicago-based healthy meal delivery service bringing optimized nutrition to your doorstep. Our recipes enhance physical and mental performance – plus they taste delicious. Our meals are high-quality, affordable, and delivered for free. See our full menu here.



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A quick break in child's pose.

A quick break in child's pose.

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