For this final post, I am writing about the magic of sleep.  

Sleep is so important that the Paleo author Robb Wolf says that if you want to “kill someone quickly…take away their sleep.”  According to NSCA trainer and author Ben Greenfield, "Studies have shown demonstrable brain damage in sleep-deprived rats, primarily due to a severe lack of neurogenesis (regrowth or rebuilding of new brain neurons) from rampant levels of sleep-deprivation induced cortisol."

Why sleep anyway?  Well, it is time for your body to repair itself on a cellular level, and for your brain to re-set itself on a neurological level.

Have you ever wondered what is happening inside your body while you sleep?  This great video shows what happens every hour with your delicate hormonal system and why each hour of sleep is so very important.   (If your goals are weight loss...you will really want to watch this!)

Now, go get some sleep!





Now that you did that HIIT workout, your connective tissue could use some attention, specifically the IT BAND…short for Illiotibial Tract or band.

You know the IT band well...it’s a ligament extending from the hip to the knee, and it helps the connecting muscles of the leg extend, abduct, and rotate the hip. In addition, the ITB contributes to knee stabilization because of where it attaches at the tibia…basically your IT band is used a LOT!  Not just in workouts but in every day activities.  So give your IT band some love (and increased blood flow) and do some myofascial release with the foam roller.  (Quicker pace foam rolling, about 30 seconds for a warm up to wake up your nervous system, or slow deliberate movements for about 2-3 minutes as a cool down.)



 Lie on your side, with foam roller under the hip, right at the bony part of the side of the pelvis. The other leg can be crossed in front of you over the bottom leg.

Place as much of your weight as is tolerable onto your bottom leg; Take some big deep breaths and roll your leg over the foam from your hip to right above your knee, especially the bony area right above the knee.  Pausing for 10-30 seconds at points of tension or knots.  Repeat with the opposite leg.