CRAWL before you WALK

Our Fitness A to Z series continues...

C is for Crawl, Bear Crawl that is.  

This one is on my list of “nature’s perfect exercises”.  Why is the bear crawl so good?  It works just about every single muscle in your body:  core, shoulders and arms, quads, hamstrings, calves, upper back, lats.  You get the benefits of anaerobic conditioning (higher intensity in short bursts) and you are working your brain and creating nervous system pathways with the opposite arm/opposite leg movement.  Strength, conditioning, and increased brain capacity…all in one exercise!

How to do a Bear Crawl:

Start on all 4s, hands and toes with your hips high in the air.  Your weight should be evenly distributed between your hands and feet. 

Move one arm and your opposite leg forward.  You should feel like you are pulling the floor towards your feet. 

Switch sides, and repeat…keeping the abs contracted and your hips high.

How to Bespoke it:

To make it easier:  start with a few steps, slowly.

To make it harder:  sprint, or add changes of direction (backwards, side to side), add weights, add ONE kettlebell under one hand for asymmetrical core/balance work.

Note:  try to keep your neck in neutral alignment with the rest of your spine instead of tilting your chin up to try to see where you are going…trust your spatial awareness and use the Force!