Mangia! Eat. Just eat.

Today's post:  the letter "E", is a simple manifesto on Eating.

I receive about one text per day from a client asking "Should I give up X (type-of-food)?"  When that food is deep-fried oreos, I usually say yes...otherwise, this is what I tell them:

Don’t starve.  Don’t skip.  Eat…but eat the right foods, (in the appropriate portion sizes), eat the ones that will keep you full, eat the ones that balance your hormones, eat the ones that fuel your muscle, eat the ones that keep you lean. 

Eat real food – meat, poultry, eggs, fish, vegetables, nuts, seeds, beans, lentils, fruit, healthy oils, and organic dairy.  Eat foods with very few ingredients, grown on a tree, or in the ground.  (Eat organic when possible).  Eat whole grains like quinoa or brown rice on days after a tough workout.

Stay away from sugar, fake foods, engineered foods, and foods with ingredients that you cannot pronounce or that have to be produced in a lab.

It is that easy.  Just eat food, real food and tutto finisce a tarallucci e vino... Everything ends with biscuits and wine, which translates to, roughly, everything will be just fine.

Kale salad courtesy of Blue Door Farmstand on Armitage

Kale salad courtesy of Blue Door Farmstand on Armitage