Calling all desk jockeys, commuters, hair stylists, athletes, moms, and mobile phone users!

Is neck tension getting you down?  Interested in growing one inch taller?  Wondering where your rhomboids are?  Then this special class is for you!

In POSTURE 101 class, trainer Shannon Kelly will educate and train you on correct "neutral" posture, and show you where your small posture muscles are, and how to train them properly with little or no equipment at all.  Shannon will also provide functional tips for moving in everyday life:  how to sit, how to stand, how to look at your phone, and most importantly, how to use your deep abs (your body's natural corset) in everything you do.  All levels are welcome!

Here are the details:


WHEN:  November 9, THURSDAY, 6:30-7:30pm

HOW TO REGISTER: (search for "Posture 101")

Spaces are limited, so find a fellow cell phone user and register for class today!

Brilliant.  Easy.  Bespoke.

Great posture beats big biceps every day!

Great posture beats big biceps every day!