Bespoke Flashback

Studio DelCorpo's very first e-mail newsletter (in our pre-blog days) was issued in July 2012...all that was fit, we printed.  With monthly e-mail blasts, we covered topics from Bespoke pushups to cheat meals.  To commemorate Numero Uno, here is a re-issue for those who missed it.  


Studio DelCorpo IS Bespoke Fitness

Studio DelCorpo IS Bespoke Fitness

NUMERO o1/July 2012



We know, we know. We hear it constantly.  Bespoke?  Yes, it is a real English word. No, it has nothing to do with spinning. Or bicycle tires. Wiki explains all:
(For further reading, check out WSJ’s piece on bespoke:
Cheryl’s Haute List/July
Committed To: Do some form of physical (fitness) activity every day for at least 20 minutes.
Favorite Exercise: Technogym Kinesis "wipers". They make the burn in the abdominals feel pretty good.
Really Inspired by: Rafa Nadal. His superior athletic skills and humility as a champion is a rare and powerful combo. ¡Vamos Rafa!
Excited About: TechnoGym sponsoring the Olympics 2012. 30 days and counting!

Diet Tip: Document daily eating and exercise helps to stay on track with fitness goals.
Personal Challenge: Limit alcoholic drinks to one a week. And when I do,
it is one glass of prosecco (or one skinny margarita=tequila, agave and lime juice) that lasts through an entire dinner. Going out?  Make a plan to limit alcohol intake IN ADVANCE, and stick to it.  Your friends forget about who is drinking and who isn't after the first round of drinks anyway.
Too important to Tweet:  “An athlete is always learning to ask more of his/her body.” Gil Reyes. (Coach and trainer to Andre Agassi and Fernando Verdasco)
Personal Goal: Make a new friend each day.
Fitness Mantra: Burn it any way you can.  Always.
Next Month: The Latest and Greatest in Bespoke Fitness…Ciao!  

All that's fit...we print.

Brilliant.  Easy.  Bespoke.